The City of Boroondara's Proposed Budget for the 2022-23 financial year was presented at Tuesday night’s Council meeting and is now open for public comment from 28 April until 5.00pm 25 May 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to make it a challenging time for the Boroondara community. Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, Council is committed to delivering what has been promised in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 and balancing the needs of our diverse community.

Mayor of Boroondara Cr Jane Addis said, “The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue
to challenge the Boroondara community. We have seen a significant impact on Council
resources and a resulting budget deficit. Despite challenging financial circumstances, Council
has a clear and sensible path to recovery.”

“Council is delivering a balanced budget which returns to surplus and is sustainable”, said Cr Addis.

This budget is a blueprint for Council’s commitments, as well as a real opportunity to 
showcase how we will build towards our community’s vision for a more sustainable and 
inclusive community.

Council will undertake significant major projects in 2022-23, some of which are expected to be completed this year. These include:

  • Kew Recreation Centre redevelopment ($73.1 million over 4 years, expected to be completed in 2022-23)
  • Tuck Stand refurbishment ($17.2 million over four years, completion in 2024-25).
  • Kew Library Redevelopment ($17.0 million over four years, completion in 2025-26).

Other budget commitments include:

  • $4.26 million on a range of environmental initiatives including:
    • $2.0 million to implement our Sustainable Council Building Policy requirement to deliver a minimum 5 Star Green Star equivalent standard for all new buildings and applicable retrofits.
    • $1.0 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including LED lighting and heating and cooling upgrades.
    • $675,000 to support our ongoing park and street tree renewal program.
    • $279,100 to enhance and maintain urban biodiversity across the municipality by implementing initiatives including the Backyard Biodiversity project, Wildlife not Weeds program, interpretive signage and to extend the areas of Boroondara which are actively managed for their significant biodiversity values.
  • Upgrading of our sporting pavilions to ensure they are accessible by everyone in our community including Willsmere Park Pavilion ($1.3 million) and Greythorn Park Pavilion ($1.3 million) and ($2.2 million) on Lewin Reserve. 

Council will continue to maintain the city’s infrastructure and in the Proposed Budget for 2022-23, Council has allocated:

  • $4.2 million for drainage renewal.
  • $2.0 million on footpath and cycleway renewal.
  • $12.6 million on road renewal.
  • $12.5 million for 13 other community building renewal works and minor works across many of the other properties under Council stewardship.

Council’s high level of service provision to the community will continue. These services include expenditure of:

  • $9.8 million to provide library services seven days a week.
  • $9.2 million on health and wellbeing services including immunisation, youth and recreation services.
  • $20.4 million for parks and gardens, biodiversity and street trees maintenance.
  • $3.5 million on arts and cultural services and events.
  • $12.3 million for planning, development and building controls.
  • $10.9 million for maintenance of the city’s infrastructure including buildings, drainage, footpaths, roads and shopping centres.

Driving this budget through each planned project and initiative is our 10-year vision, known
as the Boroondara Community Plan for 2021 to 2031.

The Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 is Council’s key strategic document. It guides
everything we do, to ensure we deliver what our community values most.

“Based on extensive research and consultation, the Plan captures our community’s vision for Boroondara and clearly identifies what the community said was most important to them”, said Cr Addis.

“Another feature of this year’s Proposed Budget centres on our commitment to improving Boroondara’s environmental sustainability, with key initiatives designed to minimise our impact on the environment and provide a healthier, more sustainable future for our City. $4.26 million has been put aside for the ongoing implementation of climate-focused actions”, said Cr Addis.

In line with the Victorian Government’s rate cap, the budget includes a 1.75 per cent rate increase to the total rates Council requires to operate and provide services to the community.

The proposed Budget 2022-23 will be open for public comment until 5pm, Wednesday 25 May; copies of the Proposed Budget 2022-23 are available at the Camberwell Customer Service Centre and on the Engage Boroondara webpage through our website.

All submissions will be presented and considered by Council on Monday 6 June. For more information and to provide feedback, visit our Council Budget page on our website.