The City of Boroondara has again slammed North East Link Corridor Option A saying it would severely impact the Boroondara community.   

Boroondara Mayor, Cr Jim Parke said Option A would be a disaster for Boroondara residents, with far-reaching impacts.

“Corridor Option A places Boroondara’s parkland, green space, recreational areas and community facilities at risk,” Cr Parke said. 

“This major freeway would increase traffic volumes, noise and pollution on Bulleen Road and Doncaster Roads. With the huge increase in traffic volumes along the Eastern Freeway, it is essential that noise attenuation measures are added to the widened roadway.

“The tranquillity of Koonung Creek Reserve would be destroyed and surrounding school sports fields would be placed in the direct path of the freeway,” he said. 

“The future of the award winning Boroondara Tennis Centre and Freeway Golf Course would also be threatened, along with any future employment prospects.  

“The highest cost of this freeway will be to our community; with the threat of compulsory acquisition of both private and public land now a stark reality. It would ruin our treasured neighbourhoods and impact on our liveability.

“Corridor Option A doesn’t solve any traffic congestion problems or meet the project brief - this is not a true orbital ring road connecting the industrial areas of northern suburbs, via the M80 Ring Road, through to Dandenong. Instead, this option will direct freight and commuter traffic onto inner city roads. 

“We believe Corridor Option C best serves the project criteria and the region as it will deliver a quality high-speed freeway standard orbital road link between the growth areas in the north and the south-east. 

“It was extremely disappointing the North East Link Authority was disingenuous and deceptive in their consultation with the community. The timeframes for public submissions were unacceptably short and little information was provided around the options.  

“Despite numerous requests from Council and the community, North East Link Authority refused to provide detailed information that could add to the understanding of the impacts of Option A. We have had to resort to an FOI request and still they refuse. Why the secrecy?

“The North-East link Authority has information about traffic modelling, particularly around the impacts of Corridor Option A on Bulleen Road traffic, but has been unwilling to provide it.

“The true length of Option A has been misrepresented in the information released to the community as it fails to show the significant upgrade works that would be required to the Eastern Freeway.

“We urge the Victorian Government to listen to our community and seriously consider delivering Corridor Option C which best meets the project criteria.  

“We call on the State Opposition to support the Boroondara community and confirm they will never deliver Corridor Option A.  

“Corridor option A will impact our residents’ homes and families directly. We will continue to fight for our community to protect Boroondara’s environment and local amenity,” Cr Parke said. 

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