In its response to the Victorian Government’s Better Apartments Draft Design Standards, Council has called for the establishment of standards relating to minimum apartment size and external building design, and better management of potential impacts on adjoining properties.

John Luppino, Director City Planning of City of Boroondara, said that the Draft Design Standards are generally consistent with the feedback Council provided as part of its submission to the Better Apartments Discussion Paper in July 2015.

“While we are generally supportive of the draft standards, we are concerned and disappointed by the significant gaps and shortcomings, most notably the lack of minimum apartment sizes, absence of standards to manage potential impacts on neighbouring properties (particularly for developments of five or more storeys) and a lack of design standards to ensure high quality external design/architecture.

“We are also concerned with the proposed implementation approach and the timing. Overall there is a real lack of detail on the implementation of the standards. Consequently, Council is unable to determine how the standards will impact our assessment of applications and decision-making,” Mr Luppino said.

As part of its submission, Council provided a detailed response and suggestions to each of the design aspects.

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