At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Monday 26 November, the City of Boroondara decided to adopt Amendment C266 to the Boroondara Planning Scheme, which implements the recommendations of the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study to include more than 400 properties in the Heritage Overlay in the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

The amendment was adopted following extensive community consultation and an independent Planning Panel hearing to consider the merits of the proposal. The Panel, which was appointed by the Minister for Planning, were largely in support of the proposal.

Mayor of Boroondara, Cr Jane Addis, said Council is committed to preserving the City’s history and protecting heritage properties.

“The suburb of Canterbury provides some of the best examples of the grand houses built in Melbourne during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many traces of our history can be seen in the form of these large houses with their exceptional architecture and heritage features,” said Cr Addis.

“Our community highly values the local heritage and the character of our neighbourhoods. That is why Council is placing high priority on proactively identifying and protecting individual heritage properties and precincts through the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study, which includes the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study and Assessment.”

The Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study is a five-year project, involving the assessment of nine suburbs across Boroondara. The completion of the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study and Assessment marks a significant milestone in the project which commenced in 2016.

“The process of including properties in a Heritage Overlay is complex. Council has done extensive work and completed a street-by-street heritage assessment of properties outside the existing Heritage Overlays in Canterbury. It has gathered all the expert evidence about the heritage importance of these places, consulted with our community and presented it to the independent planning panel. The ultimate decision is now in the hands of the Minister for Planning,” said Cr Addis.

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