Boroondara supports MAV motion

The state government has been running a concerted campaign to undermine both the standing and value of local governments to justify its introduction of rate capping. 

This campaign has simply destroyed the community’s confidence in both levels of government. 

Communities are sick and tired of politics and politicians who waste public money on petty power struggles and self-aggrandisement rather than focusing on delivering the best outcomes for communities.

Both state and local governments should be working in the interests of the very communities they are elected to serve.  This will only be achieved if there is respect and support for the role played by each level of government. 

The campaign being suggested is designed to restore this balance of respect, support and collaboration which our communities deserve. 

Local governments are the closest and most accessible level of government to the community, which is why we deliver so many vital and different services. 

We need to do more to raise community awareness of this in a positive way, not by fighting with the state.