From 1 July to 29 July, the City of Boroondara is inviting feedback on its draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 2016-2021. Feedback is invited via a short online survey at

Alternately you can email [email protected] or call the Economic Development department on 9278 4879 to have your feedback noted.

Councillor Jim Parke, Mayor of Boroondara, said the strategy will provide an important five-year blueprint for enhancing the vibrancy and sustainability of the local economy and its influence on the liveability of Boroondara as a whole.

“Boroondara’s 54 local shopping centres continue to evolve as focal points for our communities and are core to our local economy. Council is committed to supporting these centres as places in which to live, work, invest or visit,” said Councillor Parke.

“Boroondara has a hidden visitor economy and Council aims to facilitate growth in visitation and visitor spending. The food, entertainment, cultural and recreation facilities we offer all support an emerging accommodation sector.”

Councillor Parke said the draft strategy addressed a range of sustainable economic development issues, challenges and opportunities that have been determined through initial research, community consultation and analysis.

“Council supports and promotes a ‘Buy Local’ culture, strengthening our local economy and further boosting local business viability,” he said.

“By collaborating with local property owners, regional development bodies and educational institutions we can continue to lead and foster partnerships aimed at supporting business development and growth within the City.

“Council will help to provide the economic enablers in Boroondara that business needs. We aim to support business readiness, including being able to take advantage of trends in technology.”

Feedback will be reviewed and considered in a refined draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy which will then go to Council for consideration in late August 2016.

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