In his second councillor term, Solway Ward Councillor Garry Thompson has been elected Mayor for the 2020-21 Council year.

Cr Cynthia Watson has become the inaugural Deputy Mayor of Boroondara.

Cr Thompson’s election as the 25th Mayor of the City of Boroondara was announced at a live-streamed council meeting held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Monday 23 November 2020.

The newly elected mayor says he is honoured to continue the hard work of his predecessors, colleagues, council officers and community groups, who have contributed to building Boroondara into a strong, vibrant and harmonious community. 

“I am encouraged by the conversations I have had with fellow councillors, officers and community groups. This new council will not just be forward focused and community focused, but it will continue to make sound, strategic decisions at a time when our community needs it most,” said Cr Thompson.

Cr Thompson succeeds outgoing Mayor Cr Cynthia Watson (Maranoa Ward), who has led a passionate group of councillors during a difficult year plagued by the global COVID-19 panic.

As mayor, Cr Thompson will lead council’s implementation of major projects in 2020-21, including:

  • $80m in capital works projects to meet community needs, provide Victorians with jobs and deliver the local economy a significant boost. Some of the exciting developments include the new Kew Recreation Centre and a new community precinct in Canterbury.
  • Continued funding of COVID-19 support and relief activities, comprising multiple initiatives to ease the financial burden on the Boroondara community.
  • Minimising our environmental footprint by exploring new visions and ideas with a municipal Climate Action Plan.

The new mayor also welcomed Council’s new committee chairs:

  • Cr Jim Parke, Chair of the Urban Planning Delegated Committee 
  • Cr Jane Addis, Chair of the Services Delegated Committee

Cr Thompson is committed to building on the qualities of Boroondara enjoyed by well over 180,000 residents calling our great city home.

“I see this diverse council as being driven with the desire to enhance our rich open spaces and accessibility, and to protect our biodiversity, heritage and amenity.

"We have already begun some great initiatives to enhance our urban sustainability in the previous council term, such as our Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study, commenced preparation of a Climate Action Plan and purchased 100 per cent clean energy to name a few,” said Cr Thompson. 

“We once again have the makings of a great council with many new ideas and bold visions for our community. I welcome the arrival of newly elected councillors.”

For more information, please call Eren Cakmakkaya, Media and Advocacy Specialist at the City of Boroondara on 0481 912 411