The Alliance of Banyule, Boroondara and Whitehorse Councils will commence legal action to challenge the decisions on the North East Link Project (NELP).  

The Alliance maintains that it was not possible to properly assess the impacts of the project using the proposed reference design. Other than in the most general terms, nobody really knows what is proposed to be built. Too much about the project has been left to be determined at a later time which excludes the community from the process. This is not the way this process should work. It is critical that all decisions made in relation to this significant project are made with a clearer understanding of what is proposed.

The Alliance is concerned that the full extent of environmental and community impacts remain unknown as no actual design was available for assessment. By the time that a design is finalised, there will not be the proper opportunity to provide input and make submissions in relation to the potential impacts. 

The Alliance remains hopeful of achieving better outcomes for our communities.

Quotes attributable to Mayor of Banyule, Cr Alison Champion: 

'The Minister has ignored IAC recommendations and its concerns over major environmental impacts and loss of amenity the project will bring. We stand united with residents, local community groups and traders and will continue to explore all avenues to get the best design, maximum environmental protection and minimised impacts for our community."

Quotes attributable to Mayor of Boroondara, Cr Cynthia Watson:

"The IAC panel hearing heard from a range of experts considering a reference design which was then approved by the Minister. The process undertaken here is akin to Council approving a planning application without having received plans that demonstrate what might be built. How can a reasonable assessment of the environment, traffic and social impact on communities be made without sufficient detail?"

"Any sensitivity and understanding of the value our community places on public open space, amenity and transport movement across the city has been entirely absent since the day the Victorian Government announced their desire to disrupt lives by building North East Link."

Quotes attributable to Mayor of Whitehorse, Cr Sharon Ellis:

"Whitehorse City Council has been consistent in our advocacy for a North East Link design that balances the interests of road users with the amenity along the corridor in which our communities live, work and socialise. It is not possible with the reference design to understand what the impacts will be. We’re concerned that future possible designs could have other adverse impacts and there’s no opportunity for community input on assessing those."

More information

For more information please call Eren Cakmakkaya, Media and Advocacy Specialist at the City of Boroondara on 0481 912 411.