The City of Boroondara will host a public information session for residents considering standing for council in the upcoming elections to be held at 7pm, Wednesday 3 August 2016, Boroondara Room, 8 Inglesby Rd, Camberwell.

Speakers from neighbouring Councils and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) will provide information and advice on who can nominate, how to nominate, and what is required of a Councillor. The free session will include an opportunity for open discussion and questions.

Standing for council is a relatively simple process, but can be daunting if you’re not certain what is required or how to nominate and campaign. The information session will outline the roles and responsibilities of a councillor, describe the election process, and provide useful advice for getting elected.

Any residents contemplating standing for election are invited to attend this information session. A video presentation Q&A with councillors from other municipalities will assist prospective candidates to gain an understanding of what the public expects of a councillor, time commitments, challenges and rewards.

For further information, please call David Thompson, Manager Governance on 9278 4470 or visit

In keeping with The City of Boroondara’s Privacy Policy, all registrations and enquires will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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