At the Urban Planning Special Committee on 21 August, Council resolved to commence the statutory process to introduce a Heritage Overlay to properties identified in the Camberwell Heritage Gap Assessment.

Councillor Phillip Healey, Mayor of Boroondara, said that Council’s decision was an important step in ensuring the conservation of places of local heritage significance in Camberwell.

“The community place high value for Boroondara’s heritage homes and buildings. These places and precincts are one of the key reasons people choose to live in our City,” Cr Healey said.

“Consistently over the years, and again as recently voiced during the Boroondara Community Plan consultation, our community wants Council to preserve the character of our City.

“The inclusion of properties and precincts in the Heritage Overlay will allow Council to protect heritage places of local significance.”

Following the UPSC decision, Council will request authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare an amendment to the Boroondara Planning Scheme followed by a formal public exhibition process.

“Property owners in Camberwell will have the opportunity to provide submissions as part of the exhibition process and to present their views in front of an independent planning panel if necessary” Cr Healey said.

“It is important to remember that the Heritage Overlay does not stop development or renovations, it simply ensures this is done respectfully to the heritage place.”

The Camberwell Heritage Gap Assessment is the second suburb-wide assessment undertaken as part of Council’s Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study.

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