The City of Boroondara welcomed the announcement by the Victorian Liberal Nationals to reintroduce the two dwelling limit on lots in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone.

Mayor of Boroondara, Cr Jim Parke, said the reintroduction will enable Council to protect highly valued residential areas.

“The mandate from our community is clear. They want Boroondara’s neighbourhood character and heritage protected. We welcome the Liberal Nationals proposed changes to Victorian planning rules, which will enable us to protect areas our community has told us they want to preserve,” Cr Parke said.

“If implemented, the reform proposals will help funnel new developments into the appropriate locations and not negatively impact on established residential streets."

The Liberal Nationals also proposed the reintroduction of the discretionary 9m height limit in the General Residential Zone (GRZ) and the review of the garden area requirement.

“The current residential zones were introduced in March 2017 without consultation and justification. It is critical for local and state governments to work together to deliver planning reforms which provide opportunities for growth while protecting our amenity and liveability. That is the only way we can help ensure appropriate, well-designed development for future generations. Ideologically driven one size fits all approaches to planning should be a thing of the past.”

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