The City of Boroondara has strongly opposed North East Link corridor option A, saying it would directly impact the liveability of Boroondara.

Councillors this week endorsed a submission to the North East Link Authority (NELA) outlining community and Council concerns around corridor option A.

Significant issues have been raised that corridor option A will impact parkland and green space, recreational areas and community facilities, increased traffic volumes and noise and compulsory acquisition of both private and public land.

Council believes Option C better serves the project criteria and region by providing a high-quality and high-speed freeway standard orbital road link between the growth areas in the north and the south-east.

This includes improved access for freight and provision of good travel time savings for traffic between the M1 and M80 through a true ring-road which avoids the need to widen the Eastern Freeway and the potential future upgrade of the Eastlink tunnels.

Mayor of Boroondara, Cr Phillip Healey said the lack of information on each corridor option made a fully informed assessment very difficult for Council and the community.

“The information released to date has been grossly inadequate despite our attempts on numerous occasions to obtain data that would allow us and our community to understand the options and their impacts,” he said.

“The North-East link Authority has information about traffic modelling, particularly around the impacts of Corridor Option A on Bulleen Road traffic, but has been unwilling to provide it,” he said.

“The true length of Option A has been misrepresented in the information released as it fails to show the significant upgrade works that would be required to the Eastern Freeway.”

Cr Healey said that Council and the community were also very concerned about the truncated timeframe for public submissions.

“The lack of quality information and the shortened timeframe for public submissions makes a complete sham of open engagement with the community about the best option,” he said.

Last week, the City of Boroondara hosted a community forum where residents asked questions of the North East Link Authority and expressed their concerns.

“What we took from the community forum was our community shares our concerns about increased traffic, the need to protect our community assets and overall amenity from the impacts of corridor option A.

“The community indicated a lack of trust in the process for developing a preferred option, and said they hadn’t received information about the various options.

Councillors this week agreed to write to the Victorian Ombudsman expressing concerns in relation to the lack of transparency and truncated time for consultation activities of the North East Link Authority.

Under Freedom of Information, Council will seek access to additional documentation to make a more informed assessment of the corridor options proposed, including but not limited to traffic modelling for Bulleen Road, North Balwyn and project costs for each of the corridor options.

“Our residents fear corridor option A will impact their homes and families directly. We will continue to advocate for our community to protect  Boroondara’s environment and local amenity,” Cr Healey said.

The City of Boroondara submission to NELA incorporates feedback provided from the community. Additional feedback can be emailed to [email protected].

View the submission here.

View the live streamed community forum on Boroondara’s Facebook page.

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