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Waste avoidance and minimisation is the centrepiece of a 5-year plan endorsed for public discussion by Boroondara Council.

“Residents and businesses have made great contributions toward achieving the objectives initiated five years ago, and our new draft Waste Minimisation and Recycling Strategy will build upon that effort over the next 5 years,’ said Cr Phillip Healey, Mayor of Boroondara.

The aims of the draft strategy are to reduce the volume of waste deposited at landfills, to maximise recycling and to achieve sustainable environmental outcomes by providing best practice services to ratepayers.

“The focus area for significant change will be to divert food waste from the landfill waste stream,” noted Cr Healey. “Waste bins in Boroondara contain approximately 32% food organics and diverting this from landfill for recycling could divert up to 9,000 tonnes per annum.”

Cr Healey noted that “some residents may not be aware that state policy is to divert food waste from landfill and to maximise resource recovery for beneficial uses.

“That’s why we are at the forefront of waste management as we were last year in coordinating a four council initiative to include flexible plastics in recycling bins. Our next main challenge is to divert food waste from landfill,” he said.

Council will continue to promote recycling, with actions in the draft strategy proposing to expand education programs to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and to encourage further participation by small businesses.

Community views have influenced development of Council’s Draft Waste Minimisation and Recycling Strategy 2017. Through an extensive survey, residents informed Council on their views on services currently provided and were supportive of investigating and trialling service improvements to divert food waste from landfill. Further community consultation will be commenced following the upcoming school term break to gauge the community’s views on the draft strategy.

“While our initial 5-year strategy served us well, waste management and the waste industry is fast evolving,” added Cr Healey. “This proposed draft strategy will build on past achievements to guide waste, recycling and litter services and provide the foundation for new services and facilities to benefit the Boroondara community into the future.”

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