Confirm whether the demolition impacts a State heritage-listed building

To confirm whether a building on your property is State heritage-listed:

  1. Refer to the map from VicPlan-external site and see whether Heritage Overlay appears.
  2. If Heritage Overlay appears, look for the Heritage Overlay Schedule link and take note of the schedule number.
  3. Click the Heritage Overlay Schedule link. The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay page appears.
  4. Find your schedule number. See whether the “Included on the Victorian Heritage Register” column displays “Yes” for your schedule number.

Will your demolition affect a State-heritage listed building?

If yes, you will need a Building Permit. Check if you also need Report and Consent.

If no, you do not need Report and Consent or a Building Permit for the demolition. Once all other required permits and approvals are granted, you can begin the demolition. You may now exit this guide.