You Matter is a Surrey Hills community organisation that supports women and families in rebuilding their lives after domestic violence is flourishing, thanks in part to support received from the City of Boroondara and local volunteers.

You Matter has gone from strength to strength in the two years since it started. The organisation provides ‘ready-to-live-in’ homes for victims of domestic and family violence, by fitting them out with furniture and other household necessities.

The City of Boroondara is supporting You Matter’s work through a Community Strengthening grant (2020-2023 Triennial Grants) to the value of $45,000 over three years.

The Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC) has also referred more than 100 volunteers to You Matter, showing the organisation’s work with families affected by domestic violence resonates in our community, with people wanting to help.

Maxine Gross, You Matter’s Co-Founder and Director of Fundraising said volunteers are the backbone of what the organisation does, and thanked Council for its support.

“I’m absolutely amazed at what’s been achieved in just under two years since we started, with over 50 women and their families supported by You Matter when relocating to long-term accommodation due to domestic and family violence.

“This really is due to the passionate and engaged community we live and work in, which has given You Matter incredible support in so many ways.

“Through the City of Boroondara’s support with their Annual Community Strengthening Grant and then the Triennial Grant, and the BVRC’s referral service, our organisation has been able to have a significant positive impact in the Boroondara community,” she said.

The pandemic has intensified the challenges for many families affected by domestic violence, in turn increasing the demand for support and services, such as You Matter.

Having a home set up for living in helps victims of domestic violence to begin rebuilding their lives within a stable environment, free from the crippling financial burden that starting a new life from scratch can bring, Maxine Gross said.

A number of local businesses, schools and community organisations within Boroondara has also generously supported You Matter through fundraising and donations.

The BVRC provides a range of free volunteer management services to more than 320 local community organisations and volunteer programs in Boroondara and surrounding suburbs.

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