In the past year, we have started to use predictive analytics about our ageing trees to help direct how we prioritise tree renewal for our next generation of canopy trees in Boroondara.

A new digital dashboard also provides our team with better visibility of our changing tree canopy on private and Council land. Having applied machine learning to aerial imagery, we can now more easily measure canopy cover across Boroondara, as well as make comparisons by suburb and individual Mesh Block (the smallest geographic area used by the ABS).

A canopy assessment is now underway as an action of our Climate Action Plan. This will tie in with the dashboard to give us a municipality-wide understanding of our vegetation cover, gaps in canopy, and opportunities and constraints for planting. You can find out more about this plan on our Climate Action Plan page.

Through our Climate Action Plan, we will increase our number of street trees from 66,000 to 80,000 by 2030. Transforming Boroondara is providing the tools we need for more data-driven tree planting strategies that we can be confident will have the most impact. Learn more about the positive changes this project is making on our Transforming Boroondara page.

Among our beautiful trees in Boroondara, more than 1,000 are registered as significant trees and receive extra protection under our local laws. Significant trees are recognised for their impressive size, age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance. It’s important to know you may need a permit to remove, prune or do works near a significant tree.

To make this easier for our customers, we have recently created a simple, interactive resource where you can quickly search for significant trees on our website. This interactive map is available on our Protected and significant trees page.

We are proud to promote the value of our existing trees and excited to be using data in more sophisticated ways to enhance our tree-planting strategies for the future. 

Through these and other initiatives, we’ll ensure Boroondara stays a green and leafy city with healthy trees and a canopy that provides important shade and urban cooling for us all.