There are plenty of options available to upskill if you're looking for a new job. We've put together our top training and learning opportunities to help you to re-skill, up-skill or prepare for your next career step.

Employment opportunities

Jobs Hub

The Jobs Hub is an Australian Government initiative that helps job seekers and employers to connect in a rapidly changing job market. Visit the Jobs Hub website to find job opportunities and tools to help you find jobs that match your skills and preferences.

Job Jumpstart

Job Jumpstart has a wealth of resources and activities to help you work out what jobs might suit your needs. Find practical tips, resources and articles on the Job Jumpstart website

Jobs Victoria online hub

The Jobs Victoria online hub is a free service that matches employers with skilled, local candidates.

If you're looking for work, sign up to the Jobs Victoria online hub to find roles posted by employers in your local area.

Skills Road

Skills Road connects job seekers to employers. You can explore careers and industries you might be interested in, find apprenticeships, traineeships and educational opportunities, and read up on job hunting and application writing techniques. 

MEGT Career Hub

The MEGT Career Hub is a free public jobs board for employers and jobseekers, with a focus on apprenticeships and traineeships. They offer career consulting, resources and programs to improve your skills.

Training and courses

There are a range of local organisations that offer opportunities to re-skill or up-skill through accredited, non-accredited and pre-accredited training. Some of these organisations include:

Resources and support