Boroondara has a new Tree Protection Local Law, an important mechanism to maintain our treasured significant and canopy trees.

We are one of a handful of councils that has control over the removal of significant trees and canopy trees on private property throughout the municipality, after Council approved a new Tree Protection Local Law in August.

Significant trees are listed on Council’s website, while canopy trees are those over the minimum size specified in the Local Law.

Sometimes, a tree may need to be removed. This could be due to the poor health of the tree or because the tree poses an unacceptable safety risk. The new Tree Local Law provides a balanced approach between the need to protect healthy trees and providing flexibility to residents who need to remove canopy trees within their property.

The new local law, which replaces an earlier version, includes tougher enforcement capabilities including additional offences and improvement in the replacement planting requirements were introduced in the new local law.

For more information, see find out if a tree is protected.