The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) is planning to upgrade the Swinburne Senior Secondary College facilities in Hawthorn East. Upgrades to the indoor sport facilities will include 2 indoor courts and improvements to the sportsground surface. These upgrades will benefit students, community sporting groups and other people who use the space.

The indoor courts will replace the existing facility at this site, which has come to the end of its life. The Department of Education and Training owns this site and the sportsground at Fritsch Holzer Park.

As the project progresses, the VSBA will continue to update the community about the new facilities. Council will be a project stakeholder throughout the development works.

To learn more about the project plans and timelines, visit the VSBA website-external site.

You can also contact the VSBA with any questions or concerns about the development works.

Phone:1800 896 950

Email: [email protected]

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