Eliminating hazards is important to prevent fires starting and spreading to neighbouring properties, especially if you are located near park land or reserves before summer gets underway.

The risk of a fire is significantly reduced when properties are well-maintained. Property owners are also required to maintain their properties in accordance with Council’s Amenity Local Law under the Dangerous and Unsightly Land and Nuisance provisions.

Common external fire hazards include: 

  • Dry long grass
  • Dry branches, leaves and foliage 
  • Leaves in roof gutters
  • Fire wood
  • Rubbish piles
  • Building materials 
  • Gas and chemical containers
  • Garden mulch in piles 

We recommend mowing your lawn regularly, storing building materials and firewood neatly away from your house and fence line, and removing all dead foliage and undergrowth from outdoor areas.

We are currently undertaking inspections of properties that may present a fire risk as part of our annual Fire Prevention Program, which continues until February 2021. 

Council also investigates reports of potential fire hazards from the community.

For enquiries or to report a potential fire hazard contact 9278 4444 or submit via our online form.

For more tips or to report a hazard, visit our Fire prevention page.