Long grass, firewood, cuttings, dry branches and rubbish around your house are a potential fire hazard and should be cleared before the fire season gets underway.

Suburban homes and vacant lots can be at risk of bushfire, especially if they're located near parks or reserves. The risk of fires starting and spreading to neighbouring properties is significantly reduced when properties are well-maintained.

To reduce the risk of fire:

  • mow the lawns regularly to ensure grass is less than 150mm high
  • store building materials and firewood neatly away from your home and fence line
  • remove all dead foliage and undergrowth from outdoor areas.

We work in partnership with the community, emergency services and other relevant agencies and organisations to help prevent and minimise the risk of fires starting and spreading. 

Property owners are required by Council’s Amenity Local Law to keep their property free of fire hazards.

We are currently undertaking inspections of properties that may present a fire risk as part of our annual Fire Prevention Program, which continues to February. Council also investigates reports of possible fire hazards from the community.

For enquiries or to report a potential fire hazard, contact Local Laws on 9278 4949.