On Friday 26 July, SKM announced it will not accept recyclable materials at any of its sites. Boroondara is one of around 30 Councils whose recyclable materials are taken to SKM for recycling. Unfortunately this means that Council’s contractor, Cleanaway, will need to take recyclable materials collected today to landfill.

The fundamental issue is that the capacity required to manage all of the state’s recyclable materials does not exist within the Victorian infrastructure.

Council considers the Victorian Government should use the $500 million it has collected as a waste levy from all Victorians, to be more proactive with identifying a long term plan for recycling. A world which relies on shipping our waste, albeit recyclable, to other countries is not sustainable.

Council continues to proactively implement initiatives for sustainable waste management, such as the introduction of the food organics and garden organics waste service (FOGO) which will be implemented next year.