What do our roads, playgrounds and community garden beds have in common? They’ve all got recycled materials in them. It’s all part of our commitment to improve our City’s environmental sustainability.


As you visit our many playgrounds, you’ll find we use rubber surfaces, which in addition to protecting our little ones when playing, are a great way of using recycled materials.

The majority of our playground ‘soft fall’ rubber surfaces use recycled rubber from tyres and our Play Matta tiles are made of recycled products including rubber.

Using recycled products reduces waste, conserves energy and eliminates the emission of greenhouse gases, which are produced during the manufacture of original materials.

We also use other approved recycled materials for play equipment, like steering wheels and track glides.

Road asphalt

Last financial year, as part of our road resurfacing and road refurbishment program, we laid 18,190 tonnes of asphalt. Of this asphalt, 20 per cent was made up of recovered asphalt from Council roads. Additionally, 1,926 tonnes of the asphalt laid included recycled plastic bottles and fly ash.

This financial year, for works involving long stretches of road, we will also use asphalt containing materials such as recycled soft plastic bags, glass and leftover cartridge toners. By using this asphalt, for every kilometre of road we are stopping 530,000 plastic bags, 168,000 recycled glass bottles and leftover toner from 12,300 used cartridges going to landfill.

Using recycled plastic in asphalt also has other benefits, including improving the durability and strength of our roads.

Other examples where we use recycled materials

  • Some of the original site stone will be reused in the rebuild of the Canterbury Wall project.
  • Seats and bins in shopping centres and parks are often repainted and reused.
  • Recycled timber is used in community garden beds and boardwalks, modified wood products for battens on seating and on rubbish bin storage enclosures.
  • Recycled timber pallets obtained from purchase of pavers and other materials are crushed and used for mulch.
  • Recycled fine crushed rock is used for all civil projects and is made from crushing up concrete footpaths and concrete kerbs which have been removed. This is used as a base for new concrete footpaths and backfilling of new drainage pipes.

More information

To find out more about how we are working to improve our City's environmental sustainability, visit our Sustainability page.