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A credit will be applied to all 2017/2018 Council Rates accounts to compensate for a minor rounding error in the rate calculation.

The Credit will vary according to the value of your property. The median value property will receive a $1.26 credit.

The following table provides examples of the minor rate credits that will be applied.

2017-18 CIV*

Adjustment amount





$1, 350,000






*Capital Improved Value

Council’s payment records have been modified to reflect the application of the credit as follows:

  1. If you have already paid your rates in full, the credit will be applied to your 2018/2019 rates account
  2. If you are choosing to pay in instalments, the credit will be reflected on the second instalment reminder notice to be issued late October 2017
  3. For those electing to pay in full by 15 February 2018, the credit will be reflected on the Courtesy Reminder Notice to be forwarded in December 2017
  4. For those paying by direct debit, the credit will be reflected in your next debit payment.

For more information contact the Revenue and Property Services Department on 9278 4325.