Heavy rainfall and the recent warm weather have increased mosquito breeding across the state.

As a result, mosquito numbers have increased in many parts of Victoria, including some species that are known to transmit diseases to humans.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

The most effective way to reduce your risk of mosquito-borne diseases is to

  1. avoid mosquito bites, and
  2. remove mosquito breeding sites around your home.

Mosquito-proof your home

Standing water provides the perfect home for mosquitoes to live in and reproduce.

To lower the risk of mosquitoes breeding around your home:

  • Change the water in vases, pets’ drinking bowls and bird baths weekly
  • Keep your garden clear of items where water can collect, such as unused flowerpots or children’s toys
  • Keep swimming pools well maintained.

To reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around your home, you can also:

  • Use devices like mosquito zappers or vaporisers in enclosed verandas
  • Install fly screens on windows, doors, vents and chimneys
  • Run ceiling or floor fans to reduce the chance of bites in your home
  • Purchase “knockdown” fly sprays for any mosquitoes you find.

Prevent mosquito bites

Reduce your chance of being bitten by mosquitoes by:

  • Wearing long, loose-fitting clothes that cover skin
  • Using mosquito repellents containing Picaridin or DEET on exposed skin (always read and follow the directions on the label).

Find out more on the Better Health Channel website-external site.

For help

  • Call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 606 024.
  • In an emergency call 000.

Mosquito monitoring in the community 

The Victorian Department of Health conducts mosquito surveillance throughout the Victorian mosquito breeding season, which typically occurs from early October to late April.

Throughout the year Council places mosquito traps around our local parks and waterways to monitor mosquito species and numbers, and to test mosquitoes for viruses.

This data is sent to the Department of Health for surveillance.

Find out more on the Department of Health website-external site.