Landowners in Hawthorn received a hefty penalty in mid 2017 for removing a tree without first obtaining the required permission from Council.

The owners had applied to amend their landscaping plan, which formed part of the Planning Permit to construct a dwelling on the land. However, before we made a decision on their application, they decided to remove a 17-metre mature tree from their front yard without permission.

In June 2017, the Magistrates Court found the owners guilty of not complying with their Planning Permit and ordered them to pay $14,000 in penalties and costs.

This was a costly reminder that planning permits and approved landscaping plans must be complied with.

Check with us before you start work

A tree may be protected - even if it is on private land such as in a garden - so find out what restrictions apply before you start work.

You may need a Planning Permit to remove, prune, or carry out works near a tree, depending on where it is and whether it’s protected.

For other planning or building activities, we have a range of guides to help you - see do I need a permit?.