The Victorian Government has introduced new requirements to improve swimming pool and spa safety. All property owners with a pool or spa in Victoria now need to register with their local Council. 

The new regulations are in response to a series of coronial investigations, which found that faulty and unsafe pool barriers had contributed to the deaths of children in backyard pools.

Research shows that over 80 per cent of swimming pool and spa barriers in Victoria aren't meeting the required safety standards. 

The new state-wide regulations aim to bring Victoria in line with New South Wales and Queensland, who already mandate swimming pool and spa regulations and inspections. 

New requirements

If you own a property with a pool or spa in Victoria, you will now need to: 

  1. Register your pool or spa with us (this applies to both permanent and relocatable pools and spas).
  2. Have your safety barrier inspected and certified by a registered building surveyor or inspector.
  3. Lodge your certificate with us.
  4. Renew your certificate every 4 years to show that your barrier continues to meets legal requirements.

Safety standards

Once you register your pool or spa, we will contact you to explain which safety barrier standards apply to you. There are different standards for your pool or spa depending on when it was built.

For more information about swimming pools, spas and barrier safety requirements, visit the Victorian Building Authority website.

Registration and inspection timelines

Pool and spa owners must register by 1 June 2020. Failure to do so before this date may result in a fine, as it is now a legal requirement.  

We will advise you of the inspection and certification timelines that apply to your pool or spa after you register. Like the safety standards, different timelines apply based on the date your pool or spa was built. 


A one-off administration fee of $79 has been set by the Victorian Government to register your pool or spa. Additional fees will also apply to have your pool or spa inspected (around $350 to $600) and to lodge your certificate ($20.44). 

If you don't think you can afford to maintain your pool or spa, you can speak to our Building Services team to find out what other options are available.

More information

To find out more, see Register a pool or spa or contact our Building Services team on 9278 4999.