After many years of lobbying by Council and other councils for a fairer arrangement for ratepayers, the Victorian Government has introduced a new schedule of planning fees.

Ratepayers have been subsidising planning services for too long and the new planning and subdivision fees will help reduce the cost to the community.

The new fee schedule enables Council to recover significantly more of the costs associated with processing planning applications and planning scheme amendments from developer applicants.

The previous fees were set in 2000 and did not include annual indexation, meaning that the cost burden was increasingly and unfairly being borne by ratepayers rather than the developer applicants.

The new recovery model provides a substantially higher level of cost recovery, but also recognises the need for lower fees for small scale applications such as minor alterations to houses.

Council will use the additional fees collected to improve our planning services. The planning fees will include automatic indexation in line with Victorian Government fees and fines. You can view the new fee schedules on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.