Council has a new Parking Permit Policy to cater for the growing demand on parking.

The new policy supersedes the Residential Parking Permit Policy and supports fair allocation and consistency for the issuing of parking permits for residents and their visitors, as well as businesses and tradespeople.

The new policy introduces the following key changes:

  • flexibility for residents in the application for and use of permits
  • access for residents who were previously ineligible for permits like residents of registered rooming houses
  • use of a Residents Visitor Parking Permit for a removalist van and other types of vans (except for oversized vans)
  • short-term business parking permits for arts and community health and wellbeing events including filming and health screening, and
  • use of a Tradesperson Parking Permit for a trailer and/or towed machinery by tradespeople.

You can now apply for a Residential Parking Permit or renew your Disabled Parking Permit online.

To view the new policy or apply for a parking permit, visit Parking permits, or call Council’s Coordinator Project and Strategy Local Laws on 9278 4949.