As we are all aware, Victoria is in a state of emergency with bushfires ravaging homes, communities and the land, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has experienced the tragic loss of loved ones and also for those who are actively engaged in defending communities from the fires, including our valiant firefighters, emergency service workers and volunteers on the front line.

We Victorians have seen our share of bushfire devastation over the years. Experience has shown us these bushfires will severely impact families and communities, and that recovery takes a long time. The City of Boroondara has a proud history of supporting rural and regional councils during times of disaster and recovery, and join other Victorian councils in this endeavour. 

This morning we received a request to assist recovery operations and have committed to providing our full support. 

Council is committed to share our resources and support the communities who are severely impacted by bushfires now and during the long road to recovery.  

How you can help

If you wish to support Victorians affected by the bushfires, consider donating money to a registered not-for-profit organisation helping with the relief and recovery effort. Learn more about how you can help.