For many years, China has imported, processed and reused much of Australia’s recyclable waste, such as plastic, cardboard and cans. But as you may have seen in recent media reports, China has now implemented a new policy banning the import of certain grades of recyclable waste products.

While this will inevitably impact the Victorian recycling industry, it’s vital that we all keep recycling as much as possible. Our weekly kerbside recycling collections will continue as scheduled.

Following the policy changes in China, the Victorian Government announced a $13 million emergency support package for the state’s 78 councils and recycling industry to support kerbside collections of recyclable waste until the end of the 2017-18 financial year. The details of how this funding will be distributed have not yet been released.  However, City of Boroondara has applied for support via the emergency package.

The changes in the recycling industry are a national and international issue, and we continue to look to the Victorian Government for ongoing support in addressing this problem. We are also consulting with our recycling service provider, the Municipal Association of Victoria,  local government authorities and the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group to develop strategies to deal with the changes in the recycling industry.

Your help is appreciated!

We are aware of our community’s commitment to recycling, and appreciate your help in ensuring that our kerbside recycling collections and processing remain efficient and environmentally sound during this time of transition.

By sorting your waste correctly and being aware of what products are (and are not) eligible for collection, you will making a great difference.

For a quick refresher see what we can and can’t collect.

For further recycling tips, check out Sustainability Victoria’s website.