Our website is probably the first place you look for information about 150+ Council services.

That’s why we are delivering continuous improvements to save you time and make things easier online.

Our more user-friendly website search and improved homepage top task buttons are the quickest way you can find the most sought-after Council services and information online.

We know you’re just as likely to be using a mobile as sitting at a computer right now. Our latest website upgrades have this in mind and are great news for all mobile users.

As we transform Boroondara, we’re continuing to expand and improve our digital services and provide a more seamless experience for you. You can find out more on our Current and upcoming Transforming Boroondara projects page.

Did you know:

In the future, we’ll also be adding live online chat. This will provide another easy way to reach our Customer Connect team in addition to phone, email and digital forms, or visiting our customer service counter in Camberwell.