The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) has responded to the community and Council requests for a widened Union Road bridge to connect the open spaces on either side of the rail trench. 

We developed an Urban Design Advice (UDA) document in partnership with our community during 2 rounds of engagement and consultation in September, November and December 2021. We used the UDA to strongly advocate for what our community said they wanted in the LXRP’s designs of the bridge and new open space.

Boroondara Mayor Cr Jane Addis is pleased the open space has been secured.

“We know this open space is very important to the Surrey Hills community, and it will provide a place to congregate, and to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Council has valued the opportunity to work with our residents and businesses to obtain an outcome the Boroondara community sought.”

“This is another great example of Council collaborating with our community to achieve what they have told us is important. We have committed to contribute $2 million towards the cost to build the widened Union Road bridge,” said Mayor Cr Jane Addis.

The Victorian Government will also contribute financially to deliver the new decking.

We look forward to working with the LXRP and the community on the detailed design for Union Road to deliver this great result. Next steps include negotiations with the Victorian Government about who will be responsible and liable for this new asset.

For more information, visit the Victorian Government’s website-external site.