Some of our services are impacted due to COVID-19.

Running, enjoying a brisk walk, or taking a ride are great ways to maintain our physical and mental health, which is more important than ever during this challenging time of lockdown.

In Boroondara we have around 595ha of open space, including 220 formal parks and gardens, and 35km of shared paths and trails, to stretch our legs.

We encourage people who want to exercise outside to head to our ovals or trails to ensure that our formal parks and gardens can continue to be maintained due to the extra traffic being experienced. Here are some particularly good places for walking, running and cycling:




See a map of all our parks, gardens, trails and ovals at Find a park near you. Please note that although this map also shows the location of barbecues and playgrounds, these facilities are currently closed. 

We urge visitors to observe the statewide restrictions on social distancing (a minimum of 1.5m away from other parties) and gatherings of no more than two people (unless it is immediate family). These spaces will continue to be patrolled by Victoria Police to ensure people’s safety.