As any dog lover knows, dogs aren’t just pets – they’re family members who depend on us for their health and happiness.

Here in Boroondara, we take pride in being a dog-friendly municipality and offer a range of services and resources to support responsible pet ownership in our community. 

And with Dog Appreciation Day (Sunday 26 August) just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to celebrate our canine companions with a quick summary of what we offer dogs (and their owners).

Off-leash dog parks

Does your pooch have energy to burn? Most dogs need to be walked at least once a day, but for those who like to frolic freely, play frisbee with their humans or socialise with their four-legged buddies, Boroondara has 45 designated off-leash parks to choose from.

By following a few common-sense etiquette guidelines, you and Fido can enjoy the fresh air together and get some exercise at the same time.

Learn more about Boroondara’s off-leash parks.

Pet registration made easy

All dogs (and cats, for that matter) must be microchipped and registered with Council. This is the law, and applies to all dogs and cats in Victoria, with fees going towards maintaining and providing facilities such as off-leash parks, dog poo bins and pounds or shelters for lost pets.

With the option to register a new pet and/or renew an existing pet registration online, our pet registration process is easier than ever. 

Learn more about registering your pet

Boroondara Pet Expo

Taking place on Saturday 17 November 2018 at the Boroondara Farmers Market, the first-ever Boroondara Pet Expo promises to be a paw-some day out for the whole family!

With workshops, demonstrations, competitions, pet-related stalls, free micro-chipping and more, the expo is a great opportunity to get expert advice on caring for your furry family members - while having fun at the same time. Dogs welcome (and encouraged!), but please note that all dogs must be kept on leads as a condition of entry.

Dogs of Boroondara

If you’re an Instagram user, you might be familiar with our #dogsofboroondara hashtag, which showcases members of our local canine community, as spotted out and about in Boroondara’s parks and streets.

Keep your eyes peeled for our roving photographer, who’s always on the lookout for more #boroondoggos to profile, or tag your own Insta dog shots to join in on the fun.

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Barking dogs

Just like humans, many pets like to express themselves verbally. But while your neighbours don’t generally hear your cat when it meows, your bird when it chirps, your guinea pig when it squeaks or your fish when it gurgles, your dog’s bark is another matter.

And sometimes, if your dog barks a lot, the noise can become a nuisance.  Your neighbour may even report your dog’s barking to us. In such instances, one of our Animal Management Officers will investigate the complaint and may contact you. 

Learn more about what happens when a barking dog is reported.

Resources for dog owners

Want to know more about owning a dog in Boroondara? Head to the dedicated pets section of our website. Here you’ll find useful information on everything from desexing and microchipping to excess animal permits, lost and found animals and dangerous dog breeds.  

We also produce the following brochures, which we will send out on request:

  • Caring for Your Dog: a guide to dog ownership in Boroondara
  • Barking dog guide: how to deal with a barking dog

To request a brochure, please call 9278 4444 during office hours.