Shoppers at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market and Boroondara Farmers Market will be able to continue enjoying their favourite produce with the introduction of online ordering services.

The change comes following the statewide COVID-19 restrictions, which have resulted in many shoppers being unable to do their usual on-foot shopping at Boroondara’s market stalls.

It is hoped that offering the safety of online ordering, including contactless payments and free home delivery by many stall holders, will mean shoppers will be able to enjoy buying high quality produce with greater convenience and peace of mind.

With winter ahead, there’s no greater time to get organised with ingredients for a marathon cook-up of healthy soups and casseroles to put in the freezer.

More information

Find out more about the Boroondara Farmers Market and Camberwell Fresh Food Market stalls offering online ordering services. If your favourite stall holder is not listed, you can call them to find out if they can deliver to your door.