Have you tried our new interactive map to find your next street sweeping days? 

We sweep residential streets on a 4-weekly cycle and some streets more often during autumn. 

Now it’s a breeze to search for your address and see your street sweeping dates for the year. 

We know your time’s important. By transforming Boroondara, we’ll continue to make it easier to do more on our website meaning less wait time for you and more convenient access to information and Council services 24/7. 

Upcoming autumn bulk leaf collection days 

From April to early-July, autumn bulk leaf collection replaces our regular street sweeping service for selected streets where leaf fall is heaviest. 

On your scheduled days, you can help play your part to ensure we provide the best service possible. 

Please keep cars parked off the road and always stay clear of our machinery. 

If you can't move your vehicle, you can help by sweeping leaves out from under parked vehicles the night before. Please remove any sticks, branches and rocks from leaf litter that may damage our machinery.