At last night’s Council meeting, Council adopted the City of Boroondara’s Council Plan 2017-21 (including the Strategic Resource Plan 2017-21), Rating Strategy 2017-21 and Budget 2017-18.

The Council Plan will be significantly reviewed in the coming year, informed by the outcomes of the extensive community engagement program for the City’s 10-year community plan, which will guide a major update in mid-2018.

An ongoing priority for us is the Boroondara Customer First program which is transforming the way we work to meet community expectations in an increasingly digital world. We continue to invest in this digital transformation to ensure your interactions with us are seamless and more efficient.

The coming year will see the completion of the North East Community Hub, as well as the redevelopment of the Balwyn Library. Consultation and planning will also take place on three major projects in 2017-18: the Balwyn Community Centre, Kew Recreation Centre, and Kew Library redevelopment.

Along with new projects, we continue to fund and offer a range of ongoing services to the community. It takes more than 150 services to keep our City looking great and our community safe, healthy and supported for all life stages.

Visit the Mayoral blog to hear more from Cr Phillip Healey, Mayor of Boroondara, for more detail on the significant construction projects in this year’s budget, major initiatives, maintenance of infrastructure, and our ongoing high level of service provision to residents. 

The Council Plan 2017-21 (including our Strategic Resource Plan 2017-21), Rating Strategy 2017-21 and Budget 2017-18 can be viewed online or at any of our Customer Service Centres and Libraries