It’s International Day of Older Persons this Saturday. This year’s theme is the Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World. We celebrate and recognise the important role of older adults in Boroondara and their ongoing and valuable contribution to community life.

Seniors Film Festival incoming

In October each year, the Victorian Seniors Festival, aims to recognise the wonderful contribution that over 65s make to the community.

To mark Seniors Festival month in Boroondara, we invited Boroondara adults over 65 to take part in the inaugural Boroondara Seniors Film Festival. The first in-person event of its kind since 2019, we were delighted to see the positive community response to the festival. All major film events, at each of Boroondara’s 3 cinemas, are fully booked!

The good news is that the Boroondara Seniors Film Festival is just getting started. Next year, the festival will expand to include workshops and activities that will help older adults to explore their creativity and develop new skills.

For more information visit our Seniors Festival page.

Connecting with others at local seniors clubs

With community activities and events resuming this year after a period of COVID-19 restrictions, we also celebrate the significant role Boroondara seniors clubs play connecting older adults.

There are 38 seniors clubs in Boroondara that provide a wonderful opportunity for our older residents to reconnect to community life, try a new activity and make new friends. Our local seniors clubs cater to a range of interests and celebrate Boroondara’s cultural diversity with some clubs having a shared language and cultural background.

Many clubs are running open days during Seniors Festival month this October. You can find out when these are happening on our Activities for over 55s page.

You can find out more about our seniors clubs by visiting our Seniors clubs page.