We are pleased to announce that construction of the new Camberwell Community Centre is now complete.

The Camberwell Maternal and Child Health and the Camberwell Community Centre (Leighton and Chambly) have been moved to one central location that is now open to the public.

Key features of the new Camberwell Community Centre include:

  • a convenient and central location 
  • flexible, multipurpose spaces for programs and activities, and dedicated facilities for art and pottery classes
  • an early parenting centre
  • a basement car park with lift access to all levels, and an at-grade car parking and drop-off area
  • an outdoor garden courtyard area, and
  • improved building sustainability through a 5 Star Green Star design and more.

The programs currently delivered by Camberwell Community Centre at temporary accommodation will relocate to the new facility in April.

To celebrate the opening of the new building, Camberwell Community Centre is hosting an open house week from Tuesday 27 April to Saturday 1 May. Visitors will be able to get a taste of the diverse programs and activities offered by the centre. 

For more information on the centre and its upcoming programs, visit the Camberwell Community Centre website.

You can find out more details about the centre’s redevelopment on the Camberwell Community Centre redevelopment project page

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