Over the last 130 years, the chandeliers at the Hawthorn Arts Centre have lit countless balls, weddings and many other events.

Given their age, the chandeliers have been in need of restoration.

We’ve undertaken meticulous works to make the chandeliers more energy efficient while retaining their heritage value.

As part of our energy performance contract project, we replaced 200 halogen and fluorescent lights across all three chandeliers with 24 modern LED lights to reproduce the traditional colour, also offering a range of colours for that not-so-traditional event.

The chandelier upgrade, as well as the upgrade of an additional 800 light fittings to LED across the centre, will save enough electricity to power 15 homes, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and saving money.

If you haven’t visited the centre recently, we invite you to drop in and see the improvements for yourself.

Plan your visit to Hawthorn Arts Centre.

More information

For more information about our energy performance contract project or sustainability efforts visit Boroondara Waste & Environment or call 9278 4873.

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