Sharing stories with pre-school children is considered to be a simple and fun way to establish a lifelong love of reading, learning, and discovery.

Launching today, Boroondara’s 1000 Books Before School program encourages parents and pre-school children to start their literacy journey together, and commit to reading 1000 books before the first day of school.

Whether it’s a book you’ve read together at home, a story from kinder, a library storytime session, or one that’s been read multiple times before, log them all in your 1000 Books Before School reading passport, complete activities and earn rewards along the way.

There is no fee to join, simply register, collect your starter-pack and start reading ahead of the first school year.

You can join in the challenge today. To start your reading journey and register for your 1000 Books Before School starter pack, visit our 1000 Books Before School page.