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It’s National Volunteer Week! A time to celebrate and give thanks to everyone making a positive local impact through voluntary work.

With over a quarter of Boroondara residents generously giving their time through volunteering, we are committed to actively providing support through our Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC).

The BVRC offers a range of free services to support both volunteers and community organisations seeking skilled volunteers.

Vinnie’s story – Aussie Hands

It was through the BVRC that Vinnie Chen was connected with Aussie Hands, a not-for-profit organisation providing support, information and encouragement to people with hand differences and their families.

Vinnie volunteers his time in the role of Web Officer, a position that was advertised as a skilled volunteering opportunity through the BVRC.

“My main tasks are maintaining and developing the Aussie Hands website, preparing analytics reports for all platforms including social media, and assisting in marketing and communications,” Vinnie said.

Vinnie had been a full time father to his two children prior to joining Aussie Hands as a volunteer.

“Taking up this volunteering role was an ideal first step to sharpen my skills and build up my career network before returning to work.”

“Mostly though, this volunteering role has kept me mentally stimulated and improved my happiness by allowing me to give to others, with flexibility on the amount of time I contribute and an opportunity to make new friends with similar mindsets.”

“The idea of being connected and the two way benefits of volunteering is what encouraged me to take up a volunteer position.”

For Vinnie, volunteering has contributed to building his social responsibility, awareness and empathy. It has brought him self-confidence, life satisfaction, and likeminded friends.

“Volunteering my time for the benefit of the community, in a way, means I’m capable of doing good,” Vinnie said.

“I had a great experience using the BVRC volunteer position search page to find this position. The response time was short and in my case, I received a response on the next business day.”

Vinnie is one of over 2,000 prospective volunteers that the BVRC refers to community organisations each year.

Vinnie’s parting advice is, “If you are considering or looking for a volunteering opportunity, GO for it! You are on the right track and you won’t regret it at all!”

More information

For more information about the BVRC and to explore volunteer opportunities, visit the Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre page or contact us at [email protected] or 9278 4550.