At Boroondara we have joined the 2022 City Nature Challenge, and you can too! It’s as simple as taking photos of any wild plants and animals you see anywhere across Boroondara between 29 April and 2 May 2022 and uploading them to the iNaturalist app.

The City Nature Challenge is a global citizen science competition run by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the California Academy of Sciences. We are joining forces with councils across Greater Melbourne to collectively take part in the challenge.

In 2021, 419 cities from across 44 countries took part in the challenge, with more than 52,777 individuals participating. Over 1.2 million observations were made, and more than 45,000 species were recorded. This, included over 2,100 rare, endangered and threatened species.

By participating, you can show the world the amazing animals and plants Boroondara is home to. You can also help create research quality data for scientists who are working to better understand and protect nature.

Data collected as part of the City Nature Challenge may be used in scientific publications or by Council to help us better understand and manage our local biodiversity.

To join the challenge, simply download the iNaturalist app from the Google Play Store-external site or from the Apple App Store-external site. You can use the app to upload sightings you make between 29 April and 2 May.
You can also book in to attend our fun Boroondara City Nature Challenge guided walks. These walks are running over the weekend of the challenge. You can also join webinars to help you become an urban nature explorer and guide you through the basics of using the iNaturalist app. If this is your first time participating, you may also like to watch our recording of an iNaturalist app training session on Youtube-external site to learn how to use the app.

After the week of the challenge, the findings uploaded to the app will be identified. The results are expected to be announced on 9 May 2022.

City Nature Challenge related events

Webinar  - The small and mighty micro world

When: Tuesday 26 April 2022, 6:25pm to 8pm

This webinar will help you learn how to use the iNaturalist app.

Webinar - Leaves, feathers and scales: the macro world

When: Wednesday 27 April 2022, 6:25pm to 8pm

This webinar will help you learn how to use the iNaturalist app.

City Nature Challenge guided walk - Markham Reserve, Ashburton

When: Saturday 30 April 2022. At 9:30am there will be a 1-hour long guided nature walk, with 30 min after the walk where you can ask questions.

Guided walk with Friends of Gardiners Creek Valley - Gardiners Creek Trail, Glen Iris

When: Sunday 1 May 2022, 10am

More information

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or on (03) 9278 4060, or visit the City Nature Challenge website.-external site