Our new weekly Food Organics and Garden Organics collection service, commonly known as ‘FOGO’, is set to commence from 4 May 2020. 

The new service will allow residents to put food and garden waste together in a dedicated FOGO bin. The collected material will be processed into soil conditioning products for agricultural and horticultural use, including to grow more food. 

To support residents with the implementation of FOGO, we will be providing each household with:

  • a benchtop kitchen caddy (a small 7L plastic tub and lid made from 100% recycled plastic)
  • a one-year supply (150) of approved compostable caddy liners (made from natural corn starch - not plastic)
  • a detailed education pack, including a FOGO information booklet, ‘FOGO, Recycling and Waste Guide’ and a 2020-21 household waste (landfill) bin collection calendar.

The orange lids on current green waste (garden) bins will be replaced with new FOGO lime green lids, starting in March. If your orange bin lid disappears, do not be alarmed. A separate team will be along to install a green bin lid.

Residents without a current green waste bin will receive a new 120 litre FOGO bin along with their caddy, liners and education pack. 

Both FOGO and recycling bins will be collected weekly. With more than half the current contents of the household waste bin being diverted to FOGO, waste bin collections will be swapped to fortnightly. 

Due to the scale and complexity of the rollout, residents will be transitioned across to FOGO in two stages. Residents in standalone houses and blocks of up to 3 units will commence first on 4 May 2020. Those living in blocks of 4 to 15 units or apartments will be transitioned from May 2020 to June 2021 once the bin requirements for their building have been assessed.

At present, the average household waste (landfill) bin in Boroondara contains 46% food waste and 6% garden waste. With this waste being diverted into the FOGO bin, together our community will be able to prevent up to 19,000 tonnes of waste ending up in landfill each year and reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. 

For more information on this new waste service, see our FOGO page.