In conversation with Ashburton family of four, the Baker-Barry family about our new Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste service.

How does your family feel about the new FOGO service?

We all think FOGO is great! We love that our food and garden waste can now go in the same bin - it’s a no-brainer and is so easy for the whole family to action.

How do you think FOGO will best benefit the community?

The FOGO service means less waste is going to landfill which will help to protect our environment and reduce greenhouse gases. FOGO has also sparked an important conversation in the community about the need for us all to reduce our food waste.

What action is your family already taking to reduce food waste?

We buy from bulk food stores (but only buy what we know we will use), cook in bulk and freeze portions, try to practise ‘comple-eating’ (using the whole item when cooking, like carrot tops in stock), grow our own fresh herbs, use a compost bin and worm farm, and keep backyard chickens, which also helps our kids learn about farming and food.

What other ways is your family trying to reduce or avoid waste?

We try our best to do zero-waste shopping and always take our own reusable containers to buy food locally. We also buy refillable options (like soap and laundry powder); take reusable items to charity shops; take all our flexible/soft plastics to the REDcycle Program at supermarkets; utilise the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre for items like e-waste and polystyrene, and happily buy second-hand and refurbished items - we even bought second-hand wedding rings!

What advice do you have for families that may still be unsure about FOGO?

Be informed and give it a go. Less is more - we must all do our bit to send less waste to landfill. It won’t be long before the FOGO becomes an everyday norm in your household and you will feel great knowing you are doing something positive for your children and grandchildren.
For helpful tips on how you and your family can reduce and avoid waste, visit our Avoiding Waste and Avoiding Food Waste pages.