The days of printing and posting three sets of planning application documents are over.

Removing paper from our Planning Permit application process is the next step in delivering a more seamless, convenient and empowering experience.

Benefit from an online process

You can now submit your planning application electronically or bring a digital copy in to our offices.

This will save you time and money, as you won’t need to print out any plans and documents, and it’s a positive step for our environment.

If you visit one of our planners to discuss your proposal we now have interactive touchscreens, making it easy to review documents.

If you have an application number, you can pay online.

Our planners are using new software to assess applications electronically.

At the end of the process you can receive the decision via email, saving even more time as you won’t have to wait for snail mail to arrive.

Expect continued improvements

The improvements to enhance your experience are part of our digital transformation. In the future we’re aiming to make planning permit applications even easier by offering integrated lodgements and payments.

Paperless applications will be the standard for receiving, assessing and deciding planning permit applications.

Rest assured, we will continue to support residents and businesses preferring to submit their applications in hard copy.

Peter Barton, director at Peter Barton architects in Hawthorn, thinks there will be some clear benefits of the changes:

‘The technology Boroondara has put in place will make a discernible difference in the way we can communicate our design intent through our application. The interactive screens will change the dynamic of our meetings.’

Hawthorn-based architect Georgina James anticipates that meetings at Council will become more productive. She likes the interactive touchscreens and thinks they’ll enable better decisions:

‘The screens could help to discuss multiple planning scenarios at a single meeting and increase understanding of planning challenges. The improved communication will streamline the planning process and hopefully lead to earlier decision making.’

More information

For more information, refer to Planning Permit applications or contact Statutory Planning on 9278 4888.

Visit the Planning and Building counter at Council Offices in Camberwell to see our touchscreen technology in action.

To learn more about whether you need a permit for your project, visit our Planning and Building guides.