Throughout the April school holidays, our Boroondara Wild program helped families to discover, create, unwind and explore nature throughout our city. Wielding a passport chock full of fun ideas, challenges and stickers for kids, families completed a range of activities that encouraged them to get outdoors and experience nature. 

Boroondara Wild participants also gave us their thoughts on which of the City’s parks, playgrounds and gardens they loved the most and why. Here are 5 of their most loved parks:

Participants loved these particular parks because of their access to sports facilities and grounds, their family friendly playgrounds, for being home to lots of trees and open space and for being close to the homes of participants. 

Through the Boroondara Community Plan, you told us that your parks, green spaces and playgrounds are important. We learnt that our community values these things because they contribute to a sense of community and provide opportunities for exercise and appreciating nature.

With over 25 parks and gardens in Boroondara, you can find parks and amenities that are close to you too using our near me tool.  

Keep your eyes peeled on the Boroondara Wild page for updates.

Parks and gardens