Australian National Flag Day is celebrated each year on 3 September to commemorate the Australian flag and its history.

Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, revealed the new flag for the Commonwealth of Australia 119 years ago after a public competition to design the flag.

Out of the more than 32,800 entries, 5 near-identical entries were awarded equal first place. These were entries from an artist, an architect, an apprentice, a first officer and a 14-year-old school boy from Melbourne. 

The flag for the Commonwealth of Australia has 3 symbols: 

  1. The Union Jack, representing the history of British Settlement. 
  2. The Commonwealth Star, with 7 points to represent the unity of Australia’s states and territories. 
  3. The Southern Cross, which is a reminder of our geography. 

The flag of Victoria and the Australian Aboriginal Flag are also proudly flown alongside the Australian flag. 

You can find more information about Australian National Flag Day at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.