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Works to realign the Anniversary Trail between Riversdale Road and Prospect Hill Road at Riversdale Park, Camberwell were completed on 30 October 2020.  This new shared path provides a family-friendly off-road access route for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages to enjoy.

The works undertaken included:

  • Construction of a new 3.0m wide shared path between the rear of Spencer Road properties and the East Camberwell Tennis Club and Camberwell High School.
  • Widening and reconstruction of the existing shared path in Riversdale Park to current standards.
  • A pedestrian path for tennis club patrons next to the new shared path separated by a relocated tennis club boundary fence.
  • Relocation of the existing car park in Riversdale Park further west and replacement of the existing car park with open space.
  • Closing of the existing vehicle access point at the Spencer Road / Riversdale Road intersection to vehicular traffic and construction of a new vehicle access further north in Spencer Road.
  • Removal of vegetation and trees as approved by Council.
  • Planting of additional trees and vegetation.
  • Landscaping and garden beds at the new vehicle access point in Spencer Road and at the new car park.
  • LED lighting for the shared path and the car park. Hand rail lighting has also been installed along the rear of the Spencer Road properties at an approximate height of 0.9m from the path surface to avoid any light spill into private properties.

For more information, please contact our Transport Management team on 9278 4444